The story of the golden horns of Denmark is both one of a nations history and of its future. Where the two previous horns have become a national symbol of the proud romanticism, the new horn questions the times to come.

The original horns are currently on display in Denmark and are popularly used for decorative figurines. They have also inspired numerous painters, poets and writers, among these Adam Oehlenschlager, who wrote:

Prehistoric time Farms
surmised magic;
but in darkness they wrap,
the ancient writings.

Eyes staring,
The idea itself is confusing.
In the mist of the fumble.
In the old old
gone Days!
as it beamed in Scandinavia,
when the sky was on earth,
give a glimpse back!
In which staggers blindly,
must find
an ancient memorial,
to come and fade!

Its Golden Pages
must Embossed carrier
from the earliest times.

For it can learn.
With full devotion Honour
In our Gift belone.
It beauties beauty,
a maid
must find the temple!

Then they sing and fade.
Air tones die!

As the blades in Mold
the old gold.

Shown below is the two replicas of the original horns, now displayed in The National Museum in Copenhagen.


The project is made in collaboration with Emile Sadria and with help from Hans Frederik Jacobsen.

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